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Welcome to Dodson Solutions Group

Working Hand in Hand with Our Client Partners to Develop Their Brand Identity


We create brand solutions that:

  • Ignite the targeted audience to build relationships with the brand
  • Uses technology to expand the messaging efficiently and effectively
  • Provides products that bond the user with the brand
  • Initiate campaigns to incent employee involvement, drive dealer partnerships and build consumer loyalty
  • All targeted at driving additional profitability with each campaign


With over 30 years of experience building promotional solutions for companies from the Fortune 1000’s to the local bakery, we understand that every penny counts. Consulting with our client about their objectives for each campaign sets us apart.

We believe in learning where our clients need to show improvements, and build product offerings to support and reach those goals like:

Trade show giveaways to drive traffic to YOUR booth

Uniforms to coordinate your team at an event

Sales Incentive Programs with anything from BOSE™ radios to TV’s to Kitchen appliances to Current Apparel

Holiday Gifts that leave lasting impressions

Creative products to drive the excitement and results


We understand how much time and effort is put into your branding message. Building the right campaign that pulls it all together while protecting your image on everything from business cards, to web sites, to apparel or drink ware is one of our specialties. Keeping your brand integrity is one of our top goals.

Understanding print collateral, promotional marketing, kitting and fulfillment, sales incentives, and the logistics and timing required within budgets is key.


Building campaigns and products that excite people to perform is delivered through top performing technology.

Our Technology team provides the experience and creativity to engage your team.

Our team has created software for:

Motion camera software to assist students in their scholastic achievements

Inventory systems to keep control every day business transactions

Custom software to automatically push product to retail sites such as eBay as soon as they are loaded into inventory – providing streamlined processes

Implemented security systems to protect the integrity of the web sites and business information from the maliciousness in the technology environment

The key to our success? Listening to our clients first! Then providing innovative solutions that drive results.

Rick Kramer, CTO - Computer Engineer

  • Business and Computer Science/Engineering Degrees
  • Inventor - listed as contributor on 17 US Patent Applications
  • Specializes in defining technology solution requirements
  • Building technology solutions that evoke engagement, streamline processes and build visibility to analytics so our clients can monitor the progress of individual programs
  • Ensures website uptime requirements are realized
Check Out Some Successes
Supports a number of precious metals coin dealers throughout the US. Built and maintains a proprietary inventory system along with back end integration from inventory to eBay’s retail site to drive sales with efficiency:

Not only built their web site, but was also the lead developer and architect of the EduCamPlus line of educational software products. Ultimately helping the company drive sales, and increase product value to the education system. Check out the web site!

Christy Dodson, CEO - Marketing & Procurement

  • 27 year business marketing, procurement and logistics background
  • Client-facing, team lead for brand launch campaigns with Fortune 100 clients. Received vendor partnership awards for campaign successes
  • Strength in developing creative approaches to solution development
  • Oversight of internal team to meet and exceed timeline requirements
  • Build product solutions with socially compliant items offered with client’s images – Risk Mitigation
  • Built supply chain to produce high quality product offerings at competitive pricing
Check Out Some Successes
Partnered with clients to develop strategies to bring sponsorship campaigns to life. During the Atlanta, Nagano, Salt Lake and Beijing Olympics, built event gift packages for athletes and VIPs for events; also working at on-site events with athletes to promote sponsorship visibility

Collaboratively developed a national B2C campaign for the #1 beverage company in the world. The consumer loyalty program utilized both branded and undecorated awards. The site required the consumer to enter codes to earn points to redeem. Periodically introducing new products driving consumer engagement while maintaining tight reins on inventory was the key to bringing a 17% increase in revenue for this brand over the initial 18 months of the campaign

Emily Kramer, Client Services & Operations

  • Interdisciplinary Studies – studying foreign cultures and expanded communications skills – Holds Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Multi-lingual: Speaks Conversational Spanish, French and English. Also understands and communicates in German and Italian
  • Currently in School for a Masters of Communications and Leadership & Masters of Business Administration
  • National Guard: active drilling status – HIMARS Unit (field artillery)
  • Communicates effectively to ensure goals and timelines are met
  • Drives processes and procedures outlined endorsing flawless execution
  • Interpreting client requirements to develop procedures to achieve maximum efficiencies, exceeding expectations and results
  • Maintains current compliance audits where applicable, and product safety records minimizing product issues
Check Out Some Successes

** Certification in field artillery unit: 13M – Only 5% of females gain certification
** Supervised crowd control unit during the Ferguson, MO riots
** Chemical clean up unit – HAZMAT certified